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My friend Janet was always up and about. The best rated Human Resource Manager in the Multinational Establishment she works in. Loved and celebrated by all. She needed to take a dash to the mall. This was a long weekend because of some public holidays on Monday and Tuesday.

Suddenly, she was thirsty. Badly thirsty. She downed a bottle of Malt in the mall. Before she got done shopping, she needed another bottle. And grabbed it.

She took another one for the car.

Her strength seemed to be ebbing away. This was rattling, to say the least.

The weekend was almost a disaster, as she couldn’t put herself together. Family and friends came up with suggestions that couldn’t calm her inner turmoil.

Seeing the doctor on Monday and the lab tests confirmed their fears: Very bad case of High Blood Sugar!

But my parents never had it! Thoughts kept running riot in her at the painful realization of a restrictive lifestyle at an age she was on a huge career flight, children doing very well at school, hubby pulling the gold in at his global business.

Nooo, not now! At just 43!

Bella’s case was different. She died the very day she was rushed to the hospital. She was feeling faint and kept gulping Sprite. She had taken 6 bottles before her friend came to rush her to the hospital. On checking, her blood sugar was out of the roofs and next was death.

Why Is Diabetes Or High Blood Sugar Very Common These Days?

Nutritional Deficiency!

This is a global challenge. It has little or nothing to do with affluence or poverty. It has to do with the Quality of food you eat – neither how nice looking nor how it tastes. It is the nutritional content of each food you eat that’s called to question here.

Most convenient foods which the rich afford conveniently have poor nutritional value and rating.

You eat what you think is  a rich and natural food and that’s quite great! The problem here is that to multiply foods and for economic advantages, nutritional quality has been greatly compromised. Our foods are fertilizer- and other chemicals-grown! These chemicals deplete both the foods and the soils of the Necessary minerals our bodies Need to function optimally.

Your lifestyle demands an eat-on-the-go approach in order to meet up with your daily schedules. This makes you eat the Available and not the Needful. Your tummy is full. You look well fed and robust. Yet, you are nutritionally deficient.

Many are walking about with body systems that are chemically-imbalanced. These are chemically-altered body systems. This imbalance is created by:

-Free Radicals from Chemicals-grown foods, dangerous eating, polluted environment

-Synthetic Drugs

-Stressful Lifestyle

Diabetes is just one of such imbalances. High Blood Glucose is actually the Gradual or Sudden misbehaving of your body cells to refuse Insulin-absorption. This Insulin-Resistance is called Type 2 Diabetes. As shown in the Image 1 below.


Image 1: Type 2 Diabetes Illustrated

Or it could be that your Pancreas loses its usual ability to produce adequate insulin for glucose metabolism (Type 1 Diabetes), as shown in Image 2 below.

The resultant effect is that there is too much “unmetabolized” glucose in your blood stream: High Blood Sugar or Diabetes.


Image 2: Type 1 Diabetes Illustrated

Type 1 diabetes occurs when the body’s own immune system destroys the insulin-producing cells of the Pancreas (called beta cells).

Normally, the body’s immune system fights off foreign invaders like viruses or bacteria. But for unknown reasons, in people with Type 1 Diabetes, the immune system attacks various cells in the body. This results in a complete deficiency of the insulin hormone.

A Brief Note On Insulin

The Pancreas secretes the hormone insulin in low amounts. When you eat a meal, food stimulates an increase in the amounts of insulin released from the pancreas. The amount that is released is proportional to the amount that is required by the size of that particular meal.

So what’s the role of this Insulin? Insulin’s main role in the body is to help move certain nutrients, especially a sugar called glucose, into the cells of the body’s tissues. Cells use sugars and other nutrients from meals as a source of energy to run a variety of important processes for the body.

When glucose is moved into cells, the amount of sugar in the blood decreases. Normally that signals the beta cells in the Pancreas to stop secreting insulin so that you don’t develop low blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia). But the destruction of the beta cells that occurs with type 1 diabetes throws the entire process into complete disarray.

Common Symptoms Of Type 1 Diabetes

  • Blurred Vision

  • Fatigue and weakness

  • Frequent urination

  • Bedwetting in children who previously didn’t wet the bed during the night

  • Extreme hunger too soon

  • Unintended weight loss

  • Irritability and other mood changes

  • Increased thirst

  • In females, a vaginal yeast infection that keeps coming back

Common Symptoms Of Type 2 Diabetes

  • Increased thirst

  • Frequent Urination

  • Blurred vision

  • Dry mouth

  • Increased hunger

  • Headaches

  • Loss of Consciousness

  • Fatigue

***You don’t have to experience all of these before understanding that something is wrong. A few should signal that it is time to go Correcting Early enough!

Dangerous Effects Of Type 1 Diabetes


There’s increased urination as a result of the excess blood sugar as the body attempts to clear the glucose. The kidneys lose glucose through the urine resulting in dehydration

* Weight Loss.

Loss of sugar in the urine is clearly loss of calories.

* Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Without insulin and because the cells are starved of energy, the body breaks down fat cells. One of the products of fat break down is a specific type of acid that can be used only by the brain for energy. Unfortunately none of the body’s other cells can use this acid for energy, and thus continue to starve without insulin. So, the liver releases the sugar it stores to help out. Since the body cannot use these sugars without insulin, more sugars pile up in the blood stream. The combination of high excess sugars, dehydration and acid build up is known as “ketoacidosis” and can be life-threatening if not treated immediately.

 * Damage to the body: 

Over time, the high glucose levels in the blood may damage the nerves and small blood vessels of the eyes, kidneys, and heart and predispose a person to atherosclerosis (hardening) of the large arteries that can cause heart attack and stroke.

Dangerous Effects Of Type 2 Diabetes

Over time, Type 2 high blood sugar can damage and cause problems with your:

  • Heart and blood vessels

  • Kidneys

  • Eyes

  • Nerves, which can lead to trouble with digestion, the feeling in your feet, and your sexual response

  • Wound healing

  • Pregnancy

Regular Approach

The regular approach is to fight the blood glucose – anything to keep it under control.

Pump in Insulin where there’s inadequate insulin production.

This approach is like fighting smoke instead of getting to the source of the fire to put it off.

That’s the reason they tell you that you have to live with it!
And Always Be on their Synthetic Prescriptions in spite of the Dangerous side-effects, some of which you are already experiencing.

Our Reason For Offering You A Natural Solution Package!

It is not insufficient insulin or excess un-absorbable insulin that is the root or the cause of your diabetes.

Rather, it is the fact that your Pancreas is not functioning at its originally designed full capacity or, that your body cells have gone hay wire and reject the insulin available.

The real problem is your Pancreas or your Insulin-Intolerant Cells.

Getting these to work at their designed full capacity is the goal of Our Natural Solution.

Remember, as earlier said, your Pancreas or your cells malfunction primarily as a result of NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCY!

A Retired Physician Speaks Up

Your Pancreas is Natural. Your Cells are Natural.

If you address issues concerning these with Chemicals in the name of synthetic prescription, you create more problems sooner or later.

This is why we are offering you a 100% Natural Solution To Diabetes. With this Package, you will experience an incredible New Lease of life in much less than 30 days!

Our Natural Solution Package!

Here’s Presenting the EndDiabetes Kit!

This properly researched, Natural  EndDiabetes Kit! is made up of 5 different Nutritional Combinations. It is produced by a company that is over 38 years old, Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, called, Forever Living Products.

The products are 100% completely Natural and not synthetic. That’s the reason they have Kosher Seal which is an Israeli’s endorsement for Completely Natural Products. Consequently, the products are certified safe for Israelis by the Israeli Kosher Certification Agency. Remember, a Jew wouldn’t touch your product unless it is all natural.

The products have other International Certifications like Halal, making them acceptable to Muslims, certified excellent by Nigeria’s NAFDAC and many others from over 160 nations across the globe


The EndDiabetes Kit!


Fields Of Greens


This is excellent for diabetic patients to end diabetes for life because it contains Chromium which is an important element that enhances the utilization of insulin by the body.

*Fields of Greens is a powerful antioxidant.

*With today’s busy lifestyles and the convenience of fast food, we all too often neglect eating fresh, green organic foods. Forever Living Products provides a simple solution to “convenience eating” in Fields of Greens. One glance at its ingredient list reveals a cornucopia of green foods for your body. Get the antioxidant you may be lacking. Fields of Greens combines young barley grass, wheat grass, alfalfa and added cayenne pepper (to help maintain healthy circulation and digestion).    

*It also boosts energy.

*And promotes healing of the Pancreas and the Malfunctioning Cells.

Nature Min                OR            Forever Daily


Your body can benefit from nutrients locked deep in an ancient seabed, because four percent of our body weight is comprised of these minerals. Since our bodies can’t manufacture minerals, we have to obtain them from our foods or supplementation. Our soils and therefore, our foods are depleted of minerals, therefore, supplementation is now most essential. The seabed is one rich source of minerals that has not yet been disturbed by pollution.

Forever Nature-Min is an advanced, multi-mineral formula using new bio-available forms of minerals for maximum absorption. It provides minerals and trace minerals in a perfectly balanced ratio for Maximum Efficiency. Using a mineral base of natural seabed deposits, Nature-Min provides most of the key minerals found and needed in the human body for optimum cell and entire body function.


It improves the musculoskeletal system

Supports the functioning of the nervous system

Controls the operation of the thyroid

It’s heavily involved in the Carbohydrate-Lipids Metabolism

Activates the work of genome and hormones

Fluid regulation: Nature Min contains soluble salts which control the consumption of fluids and absorption of fluids by the cells. For example, potassium and sodium regulate fluid, the extremes of which are oedema and dehydration.

 Forever Daily

Writing about this supper supplement fills me with an indescribable level of excitement!

Forever Daily® is a revolutionary nutrient delivery system designed in combination with Forever Living’s proprietary aloe oligosaccharide (AOS) complex. Forever Daily® with AOS delivers a Perfectly Balanced Blend of 55 nutrients, including essential vitamins and minerals, providing more efficient absorption and in the case of minerals, Targeting Specific Body Systems.

Additionally, Forever Daily’s comprehensive nutritional program delivers Optimal amounts of important natural phytonutrients, bioflavonoids, cutting-edge antioxidants with molecular-technology, and a proprietary blend of fruits and vegetables to ensure your body receives All The Essential And Semi-Essential Micro And Macro Core Nutrients Required For Healing and Ideal Health.

This unique formula is designed to nourish and protect our bodies by filling the nutrient gaps in our everyday diet and provide optimal health and vitality.

You recall that most health challenges in our day stem from Nutritional Gaps. This Forever Daily stands tall to deliver and fill the nutritional gaps to the max as your daily dosage gives you 100% of your body’s daily requirement of essential vitamins and minerals.

Active Probiotic

*A Scientific study that was carried out in the US in February 2015 revealed that a Probiotic pill can radically reduce blood glucose levels.

*In the experiment, the researchers, led by Professor John March, found that using a pill containing common bacteria found in the human gut can shift the control of glucose levels from the pancreas to the upper intestine. 
Our special Active Probiotic contains 6 such important bacteria. 

It is believed that this “Rewiring” of the body system has introduced a 
New Revolutionary Breakthrough Treatment For Diabetesboth type 1 and type 2 and offers possibility of permanent cure.

*This shift is really helpful. While the Pancreas is being healed, revived and restored, your blood glucose is being properly normalized and regulated.
Other Benefits of Forever Active Probiotic

Designed to promote a healthy digestive system, the beadlets give the following benefits:

Helps overcome imbalances which are created in our body by the food we consume and our lifestyle

* Assists in the process of food digestion by releasing necessary enzymes

* Improves absorption of nutrients in the body

* Enhances and stabilizes our body’s immune function

Forever Active Probiotic works primarily in the intestines where it assists with the process of food digestion, helping to release nutrients for absorption; and contributes positively to normal human growth and development by helping to maintain a balanced and healthy system.

Aloe Vera Gel Cans

*This is a Natural Healer. It was used by soldiers well over 2000 years ago to treat wounds.

* Aloe possesses a hormone that Accelerates the Growth of New Cells while eliminating the old ones.

* It is a most excellent detoxifier, meaning that it dematerializes toxins in your system: your pancreas and body cells. It is vital in normalizing your blood sugar.

It contains minerals like Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Copper, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium all of which are Essential for metabolism and cellular function.

* A product of our patented aloe stabilization process, our gel is favored by those looking to maintain a healthy digestive system and a natural energy level.

* It is the first of its kind to be certified by the International Aloe Science Council.

Garcinia Plus

Artic Sea


Garcinia Plus Or Artic Sea Or GinChia
The fruit of the garcinia is about the size of an orange, but is more like a pumpkin

in appearance. For centuries, this fruit has been used for culinary and medical

purposes in southern India and in Thailand.

During the normal metabolism of a meal, carbohydrate calories that are not used immediately for energy or stored as glycogen , are converted into fats in the liver. Garcinia works by inhibiting the enzyme

(citrate liase) which converts

these calories into fat. As a result, the body

will burn existing fat stores, so helping

to lose weight.

When enough glycogen has been created and stored in the liver, a message is sent to the brain, indicating sufficient food has been taken.

Another significant ingredient is Chromium Picolinate. Unfortunately, chromium can be rare in modern diets.

Sugar and exercise also cause the body to use more of the

limited amount consumed.

Three Garcinia Plus capsules yield 300mcg of chromium, correcting this common deficiency.  Chromium helps break down sugar for the body to use, and helps maintain correct blood pressures, whilst a deficiency can lead to high blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Thus chromium deficiency causes fatigue and excess fat production, and is a major

contributor to heart disease and diabetes.

The two final ingredients in our Garcinia Plus are: medium chain triglycerides (MCT) and safflower oil. These are called ‘healthy fats’ or ‘fatless fats’ and help to protect the heart, keep the blood vessels flexible and have been shown to be important for overall cardiovascular health.

How EndDiabetes Kit Works

Different from your prescription drugs, this EndDiabetes Kit  works from the cellular level, from the roots.

The Kit Repairs (Restores, heals) and helps your pancreas to naturally produce insulin and also repairs the malfunctioning cells to start accepting insulin for glucose metabolism.

It helps to detoxify your entire body system to get rid of the body toxicity that impairs optimal functionality of the body systems. This ensures that your body is renewed for effectiveness.

Eliminate the financial burden of hospital and pharmacy visits, syringe, stripes and the like.

Feel better, recovered, full of vitality as you bounce back to living Normal to the max again!

They work in synergy to give you improved mental clarity, vitality and fresh enthusiasm to live.

The total result is that your blood sugar reduces drastically, gets normalized and your body becomes stronger and well enough to produce insulin and regulate blood glucose by itself.

Blood Sugar swings should no longer be your scare as this EndDiabetes Kit ensures  a stable, balanced blood glucose for you.

No more Too Low or Too High blood glucose.

EndDiabetes Kit ensures you start enjoying normal life again!

The pack lasts 30 days but in 21 Days or less you will see very remarkable results in your blood glucose level and general well-being.


Without wasting time, let’s get the price of EndDiabetes Kit here.

Your daily practice is taking you somewhere.

In 10years’ time you would be somewhere.

The question is, Where?

* How much would you really pay to be completely free of Diabetes Now and Celebrate your 10 years of Freedom From Diabetes in 10 years’ time? How much would you pay to live healthy well into your 90s and 100s, without any trace of high blood glucose or hypoglycemia?

How much would you pay to dematerialize the current discomforts you feel because of Diabetes and the associated health risks?

* How much would you pay to stop new pains and discomforts from attacking your body and organs? How much would you pay to stop or prevent developing other high blood sugar-related problems, like blurred vision or complete blindness, wounds that wouldn’t heal or amputation?

* How much would you pay to never be afraid of high-blood-sugar-induced high blood pressure and consequent stroke?

* How much would you pay to permanently live free of your prescription drugs and the terrible side-effects they give you both now and in future?

Now, get your own EndDiabetes Kit containing the 5 Amazing Food Supplement Products discussed above For


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  1. It is realy intresting. I am a beneficiary pf Forever. I took, aloe gel, echinaca, actic sea, multimaca, and other 4 products due to general body immune breakdown. The product helped me 100 percent.

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